QF Thiophilic Gel

QF Thiophilic Gel is designed for thiophilic adsorption chromatography. Some proteins are known for their unique affinity for sulphur-containing thioethers and sulfone groups in a ligand, and have been termed thiophilic. Thiophilic adsorption chromatography has proven to be an effortless and economical method for purification of many types of proteins, especially immunoglobulins (antibodies). Because human serum immunoglobulins are more thiophilic than most other serum proteins, many different buffer conditions have been developed for their selective adsorption, which can be accomplished at a neutral pH and without disturbance of protein function. QF Thiophilic Gel provides a simple, rapid, one-step method for immunoglobulin purification or selective depletion from complex biological fluids including; serum, ascites, milk or tissue culture supernatant.



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