May 2011 newsletter; Dyes-for-protein-purification
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Dyes for protein purification

For the quick and effective purification of dehydrogenases, kinases, serum albumin, interferons, several plasma proteins, and a host of other proteins, try our affinity gels; QF Procion Red and QF Cibacron Blue. The diversity shown by blue and red dye in binding to several unrelated classes of proteins has generated considerable work on in terms of studies on the chromophores; Cibacron Blue F3GA and Procion Red HE-3B.

In the immobilized form, the dyes have been exploited as an affinity chromatographic medium to purify a variety of proteins and have also been used in high abundant protein depletion from complex biological fluids. For example, Cibacron Blue F3GA was recently used for the selective removal of albumin from serum for in-depth proteomic analysis. It is also used in industrial and advanced lab-scale plasma fractionation applications.

Sometimes it is also possible and useful to try to purify proteins by selectively removing contaminants in a first or additional step.

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